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Exterior is dedicated to the creation of beautiful pools and backyards.

Exterior is an innovative, quality-focused company committed to creating inspiring pools and landscapes. We are a successful company that has been operating since 2003 and pride ourselves on our ability to provide a complete service, ensuring our company exceeds all expectations.

Exterior do ‘everything outdoors’. That includes new concrete pools, refurbishing your existing pool, all aspects of landscaping, outdoor alfresco areas plus much more. We do all of this with the ease of one point of contact.

The exciting impact that a swimming pool provides cannot be underestimated. A well-planned pool provides another dimension to your recreational area and enhances the complete landscape for your outdoor area. Our pool designs are perfectly integrated with your home and garden to create another space for the family to relax.

Our staff are skilled in all facets of pool and landscape construction and have a vast knowledge of all product and services. We listen to our clients ideas and expectations and will work with them to ensure we deliver the absolute best outcome.

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